• October 1st to October 6th
  • Help Support Various West Island Charities

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The tournament raises money for local charities. Click the button for more details!

The Beaconsfield Oldtimers Tournament would like to thank all our Sponsors for their contributions this year!



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Welcome to the 20th Annual 2018
Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament.

BOHA Tournament President


Dear Participants,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to our 20th Annual BOHA Charity Tournament. Since its inception in 1998, the "Tournament" has stood for fun, exercise, sportsmanship and charitable giving to those in our local community that are in greatest need.

This year, we will continue to support this local community by virtue of the generous contributions made by our primary sponsors and the countless individual donations made prior and during our tournament week. However big or small, each and every dollar raised offers renewed help and hope for those we do our best to support.

As always, a tournament of this nature requires many long days of preparation and I deeply thank all the volunteers for giving so unselfishly of their personal time. I'm convinced that this gift of time and effort will bring joy and relief to those who count on us every year.

May this 20th Annual Tournament be an exceptional experience for all! And, in the spirit of social fun and sportsmanship... good luck to everyone !

Eugene Bunys
Tournament President

BOHA Honorary President

It is indeed an honour and pleasure to be your Honorary Tournament President for this 20th annual charity tournament. Being a part of the 1st charity tournament of the 2018 season, I hope the entire West Island community will support our event. Also, please take a moment to acknowledge all the volunteers, organizers, participating teams and perennial Old time players that continue to contribute so much to this event.

I grew up in the Northern town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario seventy-five years ago, and, it was common to experience temperatures of -40C on a regular basis. Needless to say, finding a recreational outdoor ice pond was not difficult and skating, particularly hockey were all part of our growing up years. Remarkably, for the size of Kirkland Lake, an amazing fifty hockey players made it to the NHL and Foster Hewitt (of Hockey Night in Canada) was once quoted as saying "Kirkland Lake is the town that made the NHL famous"!

As a mining engineer, I have worked in seven mining towns across the North for the first forty years of my life. And, being originally from the North, this great sport of Hockey has been part of my life now for over forty years. Having had the good fortune to discover and enjoy the game, support of local charities has equally been part of this lifelong adventure. In 1979, a team from Darien, Connecticut , USA joined this adventure by playing a home and away game with a BOHA team in effort to share and enjoy a terrific hockey experience every year to this day that is consistent with our BOHA values.

My favorite player is and will always be Ted Lindsay of Detroit. As a Kirkland Laker, he started and kept alive the NHL Players Union, but, most importantly, at age 93, he still plays regular "shinny" in Detroit and truly gives meaning to the term active "Oldtimer". The Guiness Book of World records documents the oldest active hockey player at 97 years of age. So, at 81, I've got my sights set !

Wishing everyone a great tournament, and, lets all enjoy this wonderful game and do everything we can to help those in greater need than us.

Frank Kruzich
Honorary President