In 1998, a group of BOHA members lead by Geoff Heseltine, Dana Smith and Dollard Leblanc founded the Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament as a vehicle for raising money for local charities and non-profit organizations.

The tournament is a reflection of the core values of BOHA, which is to provide recreation and fellowship through organized hockey and contribute through active participation and promotion of community spirit and support of charitable causes.

The inaugural tournament event was held in 1999. Each year since, it has raised funds to support West Island Community Service Groups. The BOHA donation committee organizes the distribution of approximately $40,000 annually. We are delighted to have a traditional gathering with the representatives of these various groups every February to acknowledge the tournament results.

2019 Tournament Committee Members

Position Name
Tournament President Eugene Bunys
Treasurer Craig Miller
Sponsorship Eugene Bunys
Program Advertising David Morton and Mike Montagano
Registration & Scheduling Paul Regimbal
Food Spiro Krallis
Officials Marco Romani
Permits Peter McCusker
Hospitality Steve Graham
Volunteers Joey Strati and Tony Butera
Operations Control Darrell Irons
Entertainment Tony Butera
Raffle Scott Broady
Website Andre Blanchette
BOHA President Dave Maik

Tournament Past Presidents & Honorary Presidents

Year President Honorary President
2019 Eugene Bunys George Tan
2018 Eugene Bunys Frank Kruzich
2017 Steven Poirier Ted Jackson
2016 Steven Poirier Mark Uchwat
2015 Greg Maloney Ed Hussey
2014 Greg Maloney Geoff Heseltine
2013 Paul Regimbal Wayne Hart
2012 Paul Regimbal Jack Hubert
2011 Peter McCusker Bob Roe
2010 Peter McCusker Dana Smith
2009 Terry O'Neill John Adams
2008 Terry O'Neill Bruce Douglas
2007 Mike Rourke Raymond Prevost
2006 Mike Rourke Fred Steer
2005 Mike Tinmouth Robin Burns
2004 Mike Tinmouth
2003 Kevin Gill
2002 Mark Uchwat
2001 Mark Uchwat
2000 Geoff Heseltine
2000 Geoff Heseltine