The purpose of BOHA is to provide recreation and fellowship through organized hockey and contribute, through the active participation of its membership, the promoting of community spirit and support of charitable causes.

There are six (6) teams in the league and games are played on Tuesday evenings at the Beaconsfield Arena (1974 City Lane). Game times are 8:00pm, 9:25pm and 10:50pm, with each game consisting of two-period, 35 minutes each.

NEW PLAYERS: To become a member of BOHA, please click on "Spare Manager" in the upper right corner of the web page. You will be directed to the Spare Manager home page. Once there, you will find instructions on how to Register. This is also the place you log into to see available games to spare, teams, players etc.

We also sponsor a hockey tournament each year, this will our 20th Anniversary. This is our largest fundraising event, with proceeds going to various local charities. The tournament takes place the end of September and we encourage everyone's participation to help make it successful.

As this years 50th Annual Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Tournament begins we look back at some of the early days when BOHA teams and legendary players participated in this great event.


On Sept 4 the first game of the newly created Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Association "Seniors Division" was played after years of lobbying for a pathway senior players could take as they wind down their illustrious hockey careers.

The Seniors Division was created for hockey players who didn't want to be forced to stop playing this great sport because their age made it too difficult to keep up with younger guys, wanted good exercise and continue to enjoy the great comradery with "old" and "new" friends

Seniors Leadership Team: Ted Jackson, Wayne Hart, Ed Hussey, Bob Roe and Jack Hubert


  • Ages: 60+ to 80+ (and healthy)
  • Game Time: Tuesdays 3:00- 4:00pm
  • Schedule: 30 games

For More Information Contact: Bob Roe: 514-219-1722 or bobroe@hotmail.com or Jack Hubert: 514-244-3456 or J_B_hubert@videotron.ca